advice for getting an iphone 4s on october 14

5 Oct

Not the most interesting title, but it is what it is.

Steve Jobs passed away today and I know I won’t be able to do him justice in this blog so I would like to dedicate this posting to my favourite Apple product and how I obtained it on release date and only waited in line for 5 hours.

Based on experience in the States where the iPad 2 premiered earlier, shipping times were as long as 2-4 weeks even if you pre-ordered online. As much as I like getting things in the mail, I didn’t want to wait that long for it to arrive so I decided to wait in line. I figured I could either wait 2-4 weeks for it to arrive and check my mailbox obsessively/worry that it came when I wasn’t there so I would have to go to the post office to pick it up, or I could wait in line for a few hours and get it right away. However, I was not willing to camp out in front of the Apple store the day before because I am not crazy that strong willed. But, I was willing to stand in line the day of in a nice, warm mall.

Due to work, I ended up going to a Future Shop in Surrey at 12pm on release day and ended up being the first in line. Sad, yet true. I couldn’t believe that I was first in line since there were crazy people who had been lining up at Apple stores in Vancouver the day before it was released. I planned ahead and brought my laptop and internet stick with me so I was able to do work so I could sit in line and get paid.

I’m sure you know that the iPhone 4S was announced yesterday and will be released on October 14, 2011 (pre-orders starting October 7th) and if you didn’t know…you know now. If you want an iPhone 4S in your hands on October 14th, follow my advice for your best chance of getting one.


Go to a Future Shop / Best Buy in the suburbs on the day of about 4-5 hours before release time (based on my iPad 2 experience). If you live in Vancouver, I would suggest any location outside of Vancouver and maybe even Burnaby and Richmond. Stores in Surrey, Langley, and Coquitlam would be your best bet, IMO. The  iPhone 4S is slated for an 8AM release. While 4 AM is a *bit* early, you can always just sleep in line if you want. Bring work or something to read – anything that needs to get done whether you are sitting at home or sitting line.

P.S. If you have ever owned an Apple product, you have probably felt like this at some point in time:



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