the easy and quick way of citing papers

6 Oct

As an Arts student, I write my share of papers. When I am writing papers, I wish I was doing a mathematical assignment and when I’m doing an assignment, I wish I was writing papers. It’s a confusing situation.

Anyways, over the years I have come to prefer using the Chicago style because it looks cleaner when reading, absorbs a lot of page bottom space, and lets me know how many times I’ve cited documents.

I always left the formatting of references to the very end for some reason. As soon as I finished writing the paper, I rejoice and then sigh because I know I have about 15 documents to cite and format. Luckily, I discovered an amazing citation tool that makes the citing process 100X easier.


To save time when citing works in your paper, use The automatic feature works best for books but for most other formats, you have to manually input the required information (you can try the auto-search if you would like and you might get lucky). The site will automatically convert the information into a cite-able format (MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian) which you can download after creating a free account. 


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