experience-based tips on selling your stuff on craigslist

12 Oct

I’m a big fan of Craigslist. I like selling stuff and perusing for sale items when I’m bored ( and when I have a pile of work to do as well). I think it’s really interesting to see what people will try to sell. I remember someone was trying to sell one decorative pillow for something like $5. Going all the way to meet someone for $5 is not worth it. The pillow was just a plain ol’ burgundy pillow.

Over the years I’ve sold a fair amount of stuff on Craigslist. Nothing “big ticket” but things like textbooks, Gameboy games aka my Childhood, video game consoles, sportswear, iPod, lunchboxes (I collected them for a while, haha), laptop, just to name a few things. Through my own personal experience and browsing through ads, I have compiled this list of tips on how to sell stuff on Craigslist. Some of these tips are old news and some are things I *think* I’ve originally thought of but, I hope it helps!

Items are not really in a particular order. I wrote as they popped into my mind.


1. Price items accordingly. Do your research by searching for the item you are trying to sell and price it a bit lower ($1-5 depending on the going price) so it catches people’s eyes.

2. If what you are selling is unique, price it for what you would be willing to pay for it or just a bit higher, if you put a low value on things like me, hah. Small rice cooker? Maybe $5. iPad 1? Maybe $300.

3. Make your title unique. Make it funny, clever or just add some *** stars to your title*** to catch attention. I hate Caps Lock titles though please so don’t do that.

4. PHOTOS. I cannot stress this enough. Even if it can be found online, take a photo of  it and post that. Yes, stock photos always look nice but I doubt your 2-year-old Ikea couch looks the same as the photo on Ikea. Photos saves the potential buyer’s time by not emailing you, or they might skip over the posting altogether. It also saves you the time of having to take requested photos only to have the other person bail. Do it from the very beginning and it will definitely help with sales.

5. For the love of all things cute and cuddly, if you are trying to rent out an apartment/house/motor home/whatever, include photos!! How is the potential renter supposed to get an idea of where they might live? Save everybody some serious time by posting photos.

6. Describe with detail in a bulleted list. Paragraphs aren’t really necessary but details are. Why are you selling? Is there anything wrong with it? How old? Colour? Relative size or measurements (Selling a laptop bag? Take a photo with your laptop in it and some extra stuff so people get a general idea of its size)? Smoke free home? Pet free home? And so on. Just think about what you would like to know if you were buying it.

7. Reply to people promptly and if multiple people request the same item, let them know someone has claimed it but if they choose not too, you will contact them back. Being courteous is nice. Even to low-ballers. Sometimes.

8. Once someone has requested your item, you have to determine a place to meet. If I am really busy and don’t have time to meet them in the next couple of days, I will ask if they can meet me somewhere convenient to me and if they can, I will give them $5 -10 off the item. This usually works well.

9. If you are trying to sell clothes, I recommend List4All.com instead of Craigslist. It is mainly a clothes trading/selling site and you can have a “shop site” with photos of all your items for sale. I find it easier to look for stuff because photos and titles are displayed.

10. Be honest about what you are selling and how you describe it. Put yourself in the other person’s place. How would I feel if I was sold something and it had something wrong with it? Perhaps the Wii would work but would not save, or the iPod you bought had a 2 hour battery life.

These are just my tips and thoughts, do you have any tips of your own? Share!


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