iphone 4s: love at first siri

18 Oct

Contrary to my earliest posting about standing in line to get the newest Apple device, I ended up pre-ordering on October 7th because (I have a valid reason) I had a midterm on October 14th at 9AM. I couldn’t justify missing a midterm for an iPhone especially when staying up to 12AM (more like 2AM) is what I normally do.

My Motorola Flipout was being extremely buggy and kept on restarting on my no reason at all. Highly not recommend the phone. Motorola stated that they were not going to update the phone from 2.1, one month after I got it. I was ready for the iPhone 4S.

It was shipped on October 13th and hopes that I would receive it on October 14th were slim since Apple quoted a delivery date of the 19th. I followed my iPhone’s journey on the UPS site, obsessively checking every couple of hours. It started in China, then to Hong Kong, Alaska, California, Seattle and then to Richmond in a period little than 24 hours. Amazing! I wrote my exam at 9AM and then skipped my next class so I could race home to beat the UPS delivery guy who was scheduled to come anytime between 9 and 12.

I made it before he did and he came around 11. He was said “iPhone 4S?” and I nodded eagerly, signed his machine and the iPhone 4S was officially mine.


I guess today’s “new thing” is actually a new thing. Better change the description.

Keep posted for an accessory review, my recommended apps, and iOS 5 tips over the next few days.

P.S. One of the iPhone 4S’ key features is the personal assistant Siri who says some very interesting things. Check out Shit that Siri Says for some good examples.


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