19 Oct

I had no idea this existed even though I knew something like this should. I like to think of myself as being tech-savvy and informed, but I had never heard of www.icloud.com  until yesterday evening.  Maybe it was so obvious that tech blogs and Apple(!) didn’t feel the need to inform people of this site but I wish they would have reminded us anyways…

My story: I didn’t have iCloud enabled for contacts on my phone because I’ve always had issues syncing them with Google because I have a ton of email addresses of people I had to email through work. Yesterday I made the terrible mistake of syncing my contacts to the Cloud without knowing that the contacts on my phone would not get synced with the Cloud first. In doing so, I deleted all of my phone contacts and was left with 500 contacts with email addresses only. It was a very sad and “f me” moment.

I thought maybe I could restore my contacts somehow but I don’t think it was possible since I backed everything (except my contacts) to the Cloud. Duh. I accepted the fact that I would probably have to input everything again but I was determined to do it right this time.

I did some googling and came across a forum post where someone mentioned www.icloud.com. Was it too good to be true? How did I not know about it? I clicked and was directed to a legit iCloud website under Apple’s name (screenshot above). I entered in my Apple ID and password and was presented with icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My Phone, and Documents. I clicked on contacts and all 500 contacts were there. I did a mass delete and spent the next hour entering my phone contacts on the website. Now my iPad, iPhone and iCloud play nicely together which makes me happy.


For those on iOS 5, access your iCloud account at www.icloud.com for (as long as its synced to iCloud per your device settings) your Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My Phone/iPad, and Documents (Pages, Keynote and Numbers only, I believe).


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