what to do when candle > wick

20 Oct

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Over the past year, I’ve really gotten into nice smelling soy-based candles sold in places like Chapters and Whole Foods. Lumiere had a really great pumpkin spice one last fall and I bought two because they smelled delicious and were on sale, hehe. Pacifica and Voluspa also have some very nice smelling candles. I tried a couple from Bath and Body Works because they are vegetable wax with lead-free wicks but I found the scent to be too fake and gave me overpowering.

However, there comes a time when your favourite candle runs out of wick but there is plenty of wax left on the bottom. It’s impossible to light it since the wick is so short and the wax burns it out after a minute. Fortunately, there are candle warmers!

These plug-in devices melt the wax like a flame and diffuses the scent throughout the room. While it does take away from the romantic and calming effect of the flickering flame , if it’s the scent you want then a scent you will get.

I purchased my candle warmer from Michaels when it was on sale for $5. Keep an eye out for them in the flyers – they are advertised with the glass jar candles as small print. If you don’t want to wait for them to go on sale, here is a link to their weekly ad and coupon  if you want to save a few dollars.


When there is more candle than wick, purchase a candle warmer to continue smelling your candles. Of course, only use jar or tin candles with the lid off.


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