the sleeping earthquake

21 Oct

In light of yesterday being the ShakeOut Earthquake Drill day, I thought it would be relevant to share a little known earthquake safety tip. It’s also ironic that there was a small earthquake near Berkeley on the same day an international earthquake drill day is scheduled.

As a child I was terrified that an earthquake would happen and everything would be destroyed and I remember crying about my stuffed animals being squished when things fell on them. I was kind of strange…Due to my paranoia, I read my dad’s earthquake preparedness manual and kept a pair of shoes underneath my bed (in case there was broken glass, ya know?) and a flashlight in the drawer of my bedside table when I was 10 years old. Last year (I forgot where and who exactly), someone asked a group of people what to do if an earthquake occurs during the middle of the night. I knew the answer because of my thorough research at a young age, but nobody else in the group knew this vital information especially since we spend a good portion of our lives sleeping.


The best thing to do if an earthquake happens at night is to just stay in bed. Don’t leave your bed and I recommend putting the pillow over your head just in case. I also recommend removing any large light fixtures above your bed and hanging heavy picture frames away from bedside wall.

For more information about earthquake preparedness, visit the Government of BC website.


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