he’s so fluffy, i’m gonna die!

31 Oct

Did you know that you can purchase new text tones from the iTunes store on your iPhone? I think you can only do this on iOS5 though but if you are on iOS4, leave a comment if you can buy new tones as well.

What I’m talking about are the sound alerts you get when you receive an email, text message, calendar, etc. The stock tones are kind of boring and I discovered that you can actually buy text tones as well for your phone.

I really liked the movie Despicable Me because of Agnes and the famous line “He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” So cute. If you haven’t seen Despicable Me, see the video below.

You can also do a search for quotes or sounds and you might get lucky. Over the weekend, my cousins and I were thinking of funny tones and the Goonie’s “HEYYYY YOU GUYSSS” came up. We did a search and you could also buy that tone on the Store as well. There are also a lot of Star War tones available.

Most of the tones cost $.99 and some cost $1.29. Yes, I know you can probably find these for free somewhere but it was just easier to buy the tone since it downloads directly to your phone rather than having to sync it to your iTunes and then transfer it. I’ve had issues with the Ringtones app anyways.


To access the text tones store, go to Settings > Sounds > Text Tone. At the top you should see a button for “Buy more tones.” You will  redirected to the tones store where you can also buy ringtones as well.


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