keep calm and poppy on

3 Nov

How many of you lose your poppies before Remembrance Day? Or end up poking yourselves with it? I’ve done both many times. I think girls tend to lose their poppies and poke themselves more often because we are always putting on and taking off our purses. Or maybe it’s just me.

I did some quick research and some suggestions people had to keep their poppies on were to:

– Use a spare earring backing to keep the poppy in place (Good idea which I’ve done before but it doesn’t help with the poking)

– Put some tape around the tip (Done that too but it doesn’t look good)

– Pin it on and then weave the tip through the petal to secure it (Done this but I’m pretty sure it fell off anyways)

– Bend the needle into a hook shape as depicted below (Poppy took on a weird colour with the flash)

Last year, I got into jewelry making and had needlenose pliers on hand to do the last suggestion. This is my first time doing it this way and I am optimistic so far as it keeps it in place, won’t poke, and looks nice. I’m sure you can find some needlenose pliers somewhere in your house to bend the tip of the needle and make sure you place it first.  Once Remembrance Day comes and goes, you can re-bend the needle so its relatively flat or cut it with a wire cutter  so be careful with the eyes!


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