the (unofficial) cheapest coffee on UBC campus

10 Nov

I say “unofficial” because I’m the one claiming it’s the cheapest, but I’m pretty sure it is.

At some point between 1-3pm everyday, I hit the morning coffee burnout where my head gets cloudy, my eyes start shutting, and I do my best to look like I’m not sleeping in class. I usually prop my head up and “look” at the paper in front me for about 5 minutes and then look up and repeat. This happens if I didn’t drink coffee around lunchtime.

Coffee options on campus are pretty much Starbucks, Blenz, Tim Hortons, UBC Food Services (in the Sub, bookstore, Pendulum, Beatty Museum, etc), and AMS food places (Blue Chip, etc.).  I had lunch at the Pendulum today and found out that coffee is $1 (in their mug or in your own mug [I believe, I tried to look at the cash register for the lady in front of me who brought her own mug, but I couldn’t see]). That’s pretty cheap. At the moment, Timmy’s has that $1 promotion for the French Vanilla Latte, however, it is not being accepted at the Timmy’s near Sauder and probably the same for the Timmy’s in Forestry. But there is even cheaper coffee to be found at…


Sprouts! For those of you who haven’t heard of Sprouts, it’s a student-run club dedicated to providing local and/or organic vegetarian food to the UBC campus located in the SUB basement. You might have heard of their weekly Community Eats on Friday and their delicious vegan brownies, but did you know they also have the (unofficial) cheapest coffee on campus? $.75 will get you a cup of coffee (or tea!)  in one of their mugs which you can drink in their seating area or in your own reusable mug to-go. The Cafe Justicia coffee is organic and fairly traded which is another bonus. Happy drinking.

P.S. If you like organic and local food, LivingSocial Vancouver has a 50% deal for Whole Foods, $10 for $20 worth of groceries. It’s gonna end tomorrow so pick yours up today like the 26,000 other people who’ve done so! Click here to go to the deal (and refer me in the process, hehe!)

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