subtle differences: shampooing

24 Nov

I’ve known for a very long time that you should try to squeeze out as much water as possible before conditioning your hair.  This prevents the water from…watering…down the conditioner and reducing its effectiveness. I always thought this was true when it came to shampoo as well. So I would wring out water, shampoo, rinse, wring out water, and then condition.

One day I forgot to wring before shampooing and the shampoo foamed up so much better and my hair felt better too. I took a closer look at the shampoo bottle and it said “apply to damp hair.” What? I always thought it was one of those stupid disclaimers like “do not use hair dryer in tub” or something like that. Well, of course I would apply to damp hair because it has water on it….but what they meant was completely wet hair.

It’s probably just me that didn’t know this but it’s changed my shower routine. This routine is key otherwise I become disoriented. Seriously. I even dry myself down the same way every time and when I do it differently (which happens about once every 3 months), I get really confused and actually have to start from the beginning because it feels really weird. So this whole wet hair thing is big.


So apply shampoo to hair that has not been wrung out and apply conditioner to hair that has been wrung out. Subtle differences.

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