25 Nov

I dislike it when people talk in class especially when they’re sitting right behind you. There are these two guys in my first year class that used to talk all the time and it was so annoying. I think someone told them to shut up and it wasn’t me although I would have if they ever sat behind me after I sat down.

Anyways, even when people try to whisper quietly, you can usually still hear them because of that hissing sound. Try whispering right now and you’ll know what I mean. Now try whispering and removing the “s” sound from everything you say.

“This is how I whisper” will sound like ” Thith ith how I whithper.” Just lisp everything. While it sounds like you have a frozen tongue, it’s much more discrete, right?

It’s a little extreme for general whispering but, if you were kidnapped and found yourself in a room with someone else and needed to plot your escape plan very quietly, this tip would prove useful. Although I hope you never get into this situation in the first place.


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