faux fur ikea sheepskin rug

29 Nov

Growing up, I was always excited when the new IKEA catalogue was delivered on our doorstep. I would flip through the pages and circle the things I wanted.  Now that I don’t live at home anymore, I don’t think they deliver it but it’s always online. I downloaded it onto my iPad for inspiration or browsing while bored.

The Poang chair is probably one of IKEA’s most iconic pieces of furniture. I think everybody knows the Poang chair and if you don’t know its name, you’ll know it when you see it. Casually draped over the poang chair or almost every other type of furniture in the catalogue, you can find the sheepskin rug. On the floor, on the sofa, on the dining room table, on the bed, it’s everywhere. I’ve always wanted one but given it’s a sheepskin and I’m a vegetarian, it just didn’t seem right.

Over the weekend I went to IKEA and while browsing the rug section I saw the sheepskin rugs. I went and touched them and said “So soft…but no…I must not” and in the bin beside it, I saw a rug that looked like sheepskin but more hairy. More like a Scotty dog actually. I touched it and it was soft. I turned it over and it was a polyester backing. Faux fur!


If you’ve always wanted a sheepskin rug but didn’t want real sheepskin, I highly recommend the “OLEBY” (not found online!) rug from IKEA. Other than being animal free (and washable, if needed), it was only $9.99! I bought this at the Richmond IKEA store and they had plenty in stock. Since it’s not online, you could probably check store availability by calling in.

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