semester evaluation

30 Nov

Seeing as first semester is winding down, I think it’s a good time to think about some of the things I wish I did differently  this semester. I think it’s a good idea to evaluate your progress and I suggest you do too before next semester.

  1. Set double alarms earlier in the semester. I somehow manage to turn off my alarm in the morning in my sleep or I do it and convince myself a couple more minutes which usually ends up being 30 more minutes. To try to mediate this habit of oversleeping, I’ve set two alarms in the morning. One is the ideal time I should wake up at and then second is the latest I should wake up at. Although I usually sleep past the first one anyways, I have the backup one to wake me up again and that usually gets me up quickly.
  2. Not gotten a job while doing school fulltime. I did it once in second year and it was too much. Since I worked fulltime for a year in co-op, I missed work and wanted to do something different while making some money as well. I took a work-study job (which I do like) but I wish I hadn’t. A ten hour time committment is reasonable in general but compared to the 15 hours of class I have a week, it’s not that much of a difference between the two.
  3. Gone to bed earlier. Similar to point #1, I have messed up my sleep schedule. I can’t even make myself go to bed before 12 at the earliest. I’ll even lie in bed for 45 minutes trying to go to sleep but can’t. So I wish I hadn’t gotten into this cycle of late nights.
  4. Lost touch with some old friends. Being busy with school work and actual work has led to weeks of time when I haven’t talked to some of my friends who’ve graduated or go to different schools. I don’t see them or talk to them on the phone as much but I’m going to make a better effort next semester to manage my time between my commitments better.

Overall, I think it was a pretty decent semester given I haven’t been at school full-time for over a year. Looking forward to something different next term although I know it’s gonna be harder with all of my classes being upper year ones.

4 Responses to “semester evaluation”

  1. kiran December 3, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    even double alarms don’t work for me anymore! I just turn them both off.

  2. Canadianpetite December 4, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    Good for you for sticking with your school. It is hard (losing touch with friends, losing sleep…) but it’s worth it. You know, as I think about it, the negatives are a precursor to starting a family (losing touch with friends, losing friends who don’t have the same interests anymore or just don’t want to hear about baby’s new antics, losing sleep) hmmm

    • shannon December 6, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

      Haha, good to know that I’m prepared! I’m looking forward to being finished though and getting on with the rest of my life. Hopefully do some travelling and relaxing before starting that though 🙂


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