maximize those tubes

2 Dec

So simple, yet so useful, IMO. Maybe this is a “duh, it’s so obvious” tip like my shampoo one (haha), so bear with me. It’s the end of the week.


I am a hand lotion fanatic and always have a bottle of lotion on me at all times. Tubes are terrible for getting all that lotion out. I’ll shake it a few times and use a table to try to squeeze more lotion out but sometimes it just doesn’t work. When it gets to that point, I simply cut the tube with scissors and use the lotion at my desk. To “re-cap” just pinch the bottom tube and insert into the top.

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So much inside! This is the same tube that I couldn’t squeeze lotion out of with all my might. I’ve been using this cut-open tube for a week already.

This tip can also be used for chip bags! You know when you get near the bottom of the bag and you have to avoid touching the sides of the bag so you don’t get stuff all over your arm? Just cut the bag down.

2 Responses to “maximize those tubes”

  1. kiran December 3, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    waste not want not! I’m going to start doing this


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