linkedin = not so anonymous

5 Dec

I signed up for a LinkedIn account a few months ago because of the work I was doing at the time and the opportunity to actually have “connections” with people who have actual jobs rather than students (no offence, haha). If you don’t know what LinkedIn is, it’s a professional social networking site. It’s almost like an online resume where jobseekers and jobhunters can review someone’s online profile with information on work, skills, and education. It’s also a way for employers to verify that you actually worked at places by checking out your connections. It would seem strange if you said you worked at one company and didn’t have anyone in your network from that company.

When I first signed up for LinkedIn, I was look “Cool, now I can check up on my professional connections and see what they’ve been up too” so I looked at a bunch of profiles of people I knew and some that were connected to them that I didn’t know but had interesting jobs titles or not gonna lie, had good-looking profile photos (haha). Then I realized that viewing their page was not anonymous!


Unless you’ve hidden yourself from viewers, people can see that you’ve creeped their page. I suppose I could use the  phrase…”silently networked” with them instead.

Once you’ve logged into LinkedIn, go to the “Home” page. On the right, there should be a box that says “Who’s Viewed your Profile?” Here you can see the people who’ve viewed your profile. For example, on my viewed page, I have one person that I know, one person that I don’t know but have 2 connections in common, and three anonymous people (one in the oil and gas industry in Alberta, a researcher from University of Southern California, and someone from MEG Energy Corp).

Kind of cool but kind of weird since I don’t know anyone who fits the profile of those anonymous viewers. So you have a couple options here.

1. If you want to see who’s viewed your page, like the way I have it set up, you have to let yourself be “seen” as well. Which makes sense. It’s not really fair that you should be able to “silently network” with people while you can see people who’ve networked with you.

2. If you don’t care to see who’s viewed your page, you can hide yourself by going to the “Who’s Viewed your Profile” page. Beside the date period on near the top right hand corner, there will be a “Settings” link. Click it and it will take you to settings with a pop-up with options to have “anonymous profile characteristics” or “be totally anonymous.” Both of these options will disable your ability to see anyone who’s viewed your profile.

Obviously, it’s up to you to decide what settings you use. I think it’s interesting to see who’s viewed my page so I’ve left my settings open but knowing this, I don’t really view people’s pages because I know they can see that I’ve looked at their page. It’s like when you stare at someone and when they look at you, you look away. You’re interested in them but don’t want them to know and feel awkward afterwards. That’s my analogy anyways.


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