$25 worth of free (and good) magazines from zinio

19 Dec

Yes, you read it right – free magazines. And not crappy ones but ones that people would actually buy in the store. Ones like Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, The Economist, Hockey News, Playboy, and Oprah  just to randomly name a few. One catch though – they are digital versions which can be read on your computer, Android device, iPhone, Kindle Fire and iPad. So if you don’t mind reading digital, read on.

I was browsing one of my favourite deal sites SmartCanucks and there was a post announcing a free magazine from Zinio. I clicked to see what magazines were available for free and chose Nylon. It’s just like the paper magazine with one billion full-page ads and the format is the same, which I like.

A few minutes later, I found an email in my Spam box from Nylon saying:

Hi Shannon,Good news! Your subscription to Nylon Digital has been renewed, compliments of DIESELYou will continue to receive Nylon Digital for another full year# You’ve come to count on Nylon to keep you in the know about what’s hot and what’s not in fashion, music, culture, celebrities and moreEnjoy!Sincerely,Jaclynn JarrettPublisher

So I browsed for more magazines and they have something like 5000 different ones.  I did a google search to see if they had more deals and came across a page from Bargain Moose (another Canadian deals site, I love my deals ok?) saying that new members get a $25 credit towards magazines! It said that most people receive it in 24-48 hours and I got my email from Zinio about 24 hrs later with my code for $25 credit.

I decided to get two magazine subscriptions – one for Marie Claire and one for Cosmopolitan India (hey, the India one was like $10 cheaper and the content looked more interesting than the American one). With these two subscriptions, I was going to go a bit over $25 so I decided to buy a gift card on Zinio for $10 (plus .50 tax) because I would receive $5 credit later one. It’s one of those “buy a gift card for someone and get something in return deals”.

I’ve written out detailed instructions for buying your magazines with your credit or credit + gift card, so read whatever one you fall into.


Under  $25 (instructions are in the credit email as well)

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Choose the magazines you want and if you are under $25, choose a single issue of a magazine to maximize your credit without paying more. Make you sure you deselect continuous subscription, or something like that.Keep in mind that you are charged 5% tax on the magazines so try to aim for ~$23ish before tax.
  3. Once you’ve added them to your cart, go to checkout and at the bottom of the screen paste in your credit code where it says service credit or gift card.
  4. Press continue and since if you don’t owe any money – you are good to go! Enjoy!
Over $25
  1. Sign up here.
  2. Choose the magazines you want and if you are over $25, consider buying a gift card so you can get “Z-bucks” back $10 = $5 back, $25 = $10 back, and $50 = $25 back. In my case, my  $5 credit for buying the gift card came a couple of days later.
  3. This is where I sort of messed up. I thought I could use the credit and the gift card at the same time. I found out that you can only use one or the other so this is what you are gonna have to do. Let’s work with the $25 credit first. Keep the most expensive magazine in your cart and delete the other. Let’s say you have a $19.99 subscription and a $10.99 subscription. Delete the $10.99 one and fill your cart with single issues until you reach ~$23 if you don’t want to pay for the tax. Make you sure you deselect continuous subscription, or something like that. Buy those magazines with your service credit.
  4. Now you will have to add that $10.99 sub to your empty cart and buy that separately with your gift card code.
  5. Enjoy!
This is what I got: (apologies for the weird formatting below — I can’t figure out how to fix it.)
For the $25 credit

1 X  one year magazine subscription ($19.99)
2 X  single issue magazines ($2.60 and $2.67)
I paid about $1.50 in tax which I was fine with.

For the $10 gift card

1 X one year magazine subscriptions ($10.99).
I paid about $1.50 in tax and the extra .99.

After the $25 credit and the $5 gift card purchase credit, I paid $8.00 USD for everything!

6 Responses to “$25 worth of free (and good) magazines from zinio”

  1. Bargainmoose December 19, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    Thanks for mentioning Bargainmoose 🙂

    I got a few free mags too, they’re great quality on the iPad 2!!

    • shannon December 19, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

      Of course! Your site is the reason why I found out about the $25 credit so happy to reference.


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