update: $25 credit for free (and on sale) magazine subscriptions

23 Dec

Source: Zinio

I posted this a couple of days ago, but wanted to share it again because Zinio has a big sale on a whole bunch of magazines you might be interested in. So if you are running out of things to do over the break or feel like relaxing with a digital magazine (if you have a tablet or smartphone), sign up with for free with Zinio and receive $25 credit of free magazines to enjoy.

There’s almost 300 magazines on sale so check out what’s available – try some new ones since they are technically free with the credit. There are hundreds of other magazines too so you don’t have to limit yourself to the on sale one’s if you don’t see anything.

With your $25 credit, instead of choosing one subscription + 2 single issues like I did – I could have gotten 2 subscriptions for the $25 credit instead.


After you’ve browsed, see the bottom part of my original post for instructions on how to sign up and use your credit to its full potential.

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