in case you missed it…

21 Jan

Here’s a picture I took and edited on my iPhone with Snapseed (wrote about this app on my iPad post)

Almost at 2500 views on my blog! Exciting! I started this blog in October last year because writing a public blog is something I’ve always wanted to do. Throughout high school, I had a private blog where I wrote about my day to day life and usual drama of those teenage years. They were so embarrassing and I can’t believe I started linking the blogs to Facebook so all of my Facebook friends could read them… I recently realized that those posts were still visible on my page so I spent 15 minutes deleting all 400 posts because they were that embarrassing.


I found that the fastest way to delete Notes on Facebook (or friends) is through the Facebook app on your iPhone. Just swipe over a note (or an ex-friend) and delete. It’s way more time consuming to do it on the Facebook website oddly enough.


Anyways, here’s the links to posts over the past two weeks because I didn’t do a recap last week!

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