travel blog part 6: day tripper

27 Jan

This travel blog series is written by friend and I as a means of sharing our advice and experience from our trip to Europe this summer. Blogs discussing research and planningtravelling with friendsbooking flights, booking hotels/hostels, and packing lists have been posted already and future blogs will discuss what to do before you leave, London, Paris, Nice (and surrounding area), and more! We hope you find this series interesting and useful. Comments are welcome and appreciated!
Our bags!
We covered our extensive packing list on Wednesday and today we’re posting about the things we carried in our day bags that we brought with us while “exploring.” Ada had a small bag which held a surprisingly large amount of stuff. I brought a larger purse so I could fit my digital SLR into it. We both bought these bags at Winners.
Things to keep in mind when purchasing a smaller bag:
  • Keep your personal safety in mind. Don’t bring a bag without a zipper or snaps because they’re easier to pickpocket. While my bag did not have a zipper it did have snap enclosures and I also stuck on some velcro to keep it closed better and could hear it being opened if someone tried to be sneaky.
  • You can bring a smaller backpack if you want but the purse worked fine for us. We kept it at our sides and in front of us when we were on the train to keep on eye on it. With backpacks, you can’t tell if someone is doing something behind you so I actually prefer the purses more.
  • The bag is going to get dirty. Don’t bring a really expensive one that stands out to pickpocketers or one that you don’t want to ruin. Our bags got wet, dirty from the ground and trains, and smelly to be honest.
  • While in Paris, I decided to purchase a longchamp bag. At the beginning of the trip, I admit that I didn’t see why people liked the bag. It was expensive and looked…boring. By the end of the trip, I had purchased my own as a useful souvenir from Europe. So yes, I had a change in heart. What I like about it: it’s durable, easy to clean (seriously just wipe it down with a cloth), lightweight, holds a lot of stuff, and has a zipper! I would recommend this bag for carrying around your day to day stuff.
In our bags (indicated who carried what):
  • Camera and camera bag – S
  • Camera tripod (the Gorillapod to be exact) – A
  • water bottle – both
  • small guidebook – S
  • pens – both
  • room key – both
  • smaller money pouch (this was good to have in an accessible bag where we kept small amounts of money of about $50 worth of euros or pounds so we didn’t need to access our money belt all time, change, one credit card and transit passes) – both
  • scarf or light cardigan depending on the day – both
  • phone – A
  • hand lotion and lip balm, sunscreen sometimes – both
  • umbrella (when we knew it was going to rain aka one time) – S

Oh and the money belt. We wore ours ¾ of the trip. I chose to wear mine in the front and Ada wore hers in the back. By the end of the trip when it was getting progressively hotter, we opted to not wear our belts and  hid them in our luggage in random spots or wrap it  up and place in the dirty laundry bag (haha, seriously, no housekeeping attendant would want to rifle through dirty laundry).

There are pros and cons to wearing it in the front or back. In the front, it’s more accessible and right in front of you so nobody can grab it without you seeing. However, depending on what you’re wearing, the money belt is sort of visible. I can tell that I’m wearing in some of my pics because I have a slight and abnormal looking bump on my stomach.

On the other hand, wearing it in the back puts it out of view and could be seen from behind if you sit down and your shirt rides up. Again, you don’t see weird bumps in pictures so either way… it’s not ideal.

Things we kept in our individual money belts:

    • passport
    • flight tickets
    • id, all of our cash money (kept the daily amounts in the pouch in our purse), additional credit card
    • insurance card
    • one pepto bismo pill –  Just in case!

3 Responses to “travel blog part 6: day tripper”

  1. kiran January 29, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    you two make backpacking look so stylish!

    • shannon January 30, 2012 at 12:30 am #

      hehe, aw thank you! we did try to be stylish so it’s not like our outfits were unplanned haha. by the way, did you notice the le sac dress worn as a midi skirt?


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