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travel blog part 3: come fly with me

18 Jan
This travel blog series is written by friend and I as a means of sharing our advice and experience from our trip to Europe this summer. Blogs discussing research and planning and travelling with friends have been posted already and future blogs will discuss packing lists, what to do before you leave, daypacks, London, Paris, Nice (and surrounding area), and more! We hope you find these series interesting and useful. Comments are welcome and appreciated!
We booked our flight and most of our hotels one month before our ideal departure date. We thought about booking our flights online but for some reason we didn’t. Good deals can be found online with a travel agent but we didn’t want to mess anything up. I think another reason we went to Flight Centre is because our credit cards didn’t have a high enough limit to purchase two tickets at the same time, haha. Also, we thought it might be good to talk to someone in person to make sure we didn’t mess things up.After we bought our tickets at Flight Centre (Vancouver to Calgary and then London and coming back from Paris to Montreal to Vancouver), our friend told us that Travel Cuts is cheaper (might only apply for students though). So check out different travel agents before purchasing and getting the best deal. As a side note, I am currently planning a trip to Disneyworld and compared prices at Travel Cuts and Expedia. For the dates I requested the difference was like $6 between the two so not that big but hey, $6 is $6.
Another site that a British friend told me about is www.CanadianAffair.ca He’s booked flights several times through the site because they are really cheap for a transatlantic non-stop flight. We thought about it but didn’t want to take the risk. We read reviews about the planes being cramped and unreliable (often delayed). We didn’t want to take the risk even though the economic benefits were large. I wanted to be comfy and have a private TV to myself on Air Canada! But if you don’t mind going with a smaller carrier and don’t need bells and whistles, consider Canadian Affair.Trying out dates on Canadian Affair, if I were to leave for London Gatwick on Jan 24 from Vancouver and come back on Feb 9, my roundtrip non-stop flight would be $600 including taxes. Sounds decent to me. For our summer trip (obviously going to be more expensive than the winter), our roundtrip flight cost $1,463. Holy crap, that was expensive…Travelling between England and France…

During our trip, we went from London to Nice then to Paris and we flew each time. We considered taking the train because it seemed like a very “Europe” thing to do but the cost of taking a train was more than flying during the time we wanted to go so we opted for flying.

We flew with EasyJet and booked our flights on their website. We also booked the EasyBus shuttle to take us from a train station in London to Stansted airport. This cost $24 CAD for the two of us so quite reasonable. I wish I had stayed awake for the bus ride but I slept ¾ of the ride. Ada slept for the whole bus ride, hehe.

I’ll be posting more information about specific transportation information for each city later on.


  • Check out prices online and through travel agents and compare. We probably could have gotten a cheaper ticket by doing more research and checking out other places but didn’t.
  • If you want to fly cheap but willing to sacrifice comfort and inflight entertainment, consider Canadian Affairs. My friend who flew it said it was fine and didn’t have any issues but every experience is different so you never know…