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introduction to dollar store finds

8 Nov

Not gonna lie. I love going to the dollar store and seeing what I can find.  The best dollar store chain (IMO) is the Dollarama chain with stores across Canada. They price their stuff between $1, $1.25, $1.50, and $2 so more like an up-to-two-dollar store but that doesn’t have a nice ring to it.

Why do I like this specific chain? A lot of their stuff is branded with the Dollarama trademark. I assume this means a lot of their products have been specifically made or branded for Dollarama so their products aren’t just buy-offs from other stores and what not. As much as I would like to support small businesses, the individual dollar stores or smaller chains like Dollar Giant just don’t have a good selection of stuff and it’s usually a random mish-mash of stuff from different suppliers. I guess Dollarama is like the Wal-Mart of dollar stores but I still love it…

There is a limit, however, to what I will buy at Dollarama. I won’t buy food unless it’s a name brand and by food, I mean chocolate bars. I’ve unknowingly eaten dollar store cookies and crackers and they tasted fine but I try to buy natural and/or organic stuff as much as possible. I won’t buy clothes from Dollarama unless I am desperate for a pair of socks that I need to wear ASAP. I also won’t buy body products from there either unless it’s branded and I know what I am getting. I bought Dove conditioner once for $2 and it was quite nice.

A lot of stuff can be found at Dollarama and I am always amazed at what I can buy for $1-$2 which is why I’ll be posting some of my finds online.

I’ve bought a lot of basic kitchen stuff (spatulas, the flipper thing, egg timer, chip clips, saran wrap, measuring cups/spoons) from the dollar store and they are things I’ve been using for the past two years. I buy most of my school supplies from here as well (pens, pencils, envelopes, receipt paper, book covers, report folders, paper clips, etc.). I also pick up some beauty supplies like hair ties that I always lose, cotton pads for makeup removal (made in Canada!), and a small tabletop mirror. A lot of these things are pretty basic so I’ll just be posting unique things that I’ve found.


A while back I read about these treat balls that I can put treats or food in and let the cat roll it around to get the food out. It exercises their brain and mind and keeps them busy for a while (see video here for an example). I figured I would go to Tisol and see if they had any. They did and I bought one for $7 and gave it to my cat. A week later, I went to Dollarama and saw an exact replica of the ball for $1.25. So I bought it and gave it my sister for her dog. Could have saved $5 if I had gone to Dollarama first.

Keeping this lesson in mind, yesterday I picked up a laser toy for my cat at Dollarama for $1. I went to Tisol as well because I wanted to get a brush and water-less pet shampoo (which they don’t carry at Dollarama and I wanted something natural) and they had a laser toy for $5.95.

These are small amounts but, it all adds up. There are few things worse for a shopper than seeing something they’ve already bought go on sale or find it cheaper which is why I will always check Dollarama first before buying something that could possibly be bought there.