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adding, removing, capitalizing – it’s all the same for gmail

27 Oct

I forgot how I came across this (it was a while ago) but I think it’s interesting to know if you have a Gmail address. Not sure if it works with other email services but, I guess you could try logging in and see what happens.


Gmail doesn’t recognize dots and capital letters within usernames meaning you can add or remove (or capitalize letters) dots from a Gmail address and it will still reach you. For example:

  • mickey.mouse@gmail.com =mickeymouse@gmail.com 
  • MICKEYmouse@gmail.com = mickeymouse@gmail.com
  • mic.key.mouse@gmail.com = mickeymouse@gmail.com 
  • MiCkEyMoUsE@gmail.com = mickeymouse@gmail.com (please never ever type like that)

You can see this if you try to sign in with your username, but adding or removing a dot from it. You  know those times when you fill in a form and accidentally capitalize the first letter in your email address? Don’t worry – It will still go to your account. 

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