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faux fur ikea sheepskin rug

29 Nov

Growing up, I was always excited when the new IKEA catalogue was delivered on our doorstep. I would flip through the pages and circle the things I wanted.  Now that I don’t live at home anymore, I don’t think they deliver it but it’s always online. I downloaded it onto my iPad for inspiration or browsing while bored.

The Poang chair is probably one of IKEA’s most iconic pieces of furniture. I think everybody knows the Poang chair and if you don’t know its name, you’ll know it when you see it. Casually draped over the poang chair or almost every other type of furniture in the catalogue, you can find the sheepskin rug. On the floor, on the sofa, on the dining room table, on the bed, it’s everywhere. I’ve always wanted one but given it’s a sheepskin and I’m a vegetarian, it just didn’t seem right.

Over the weekend I went to IKEA and while browsing the rug section I saw the sheepskin rugs. I went and touched them and said “So soft…but no…I must not” and in the bin beside it, I saw a rug that looked like sheepskin but more hairy. More like a Scotty dog actually. I touched it and it was soft. I turned it over and it was a polyester backing. Faux fur!


If you’ve always wanted a sheepskin rug but didn’t want real sheepskin, I highly recommend the “OLEBY” (not found online!) rug from IKEA. Other than being animal free (and washable, if needed), it was only $9.99! I bought this at the Richmond IKEA store and they had plenty in stock. Since it’s not online, you could probably check store availability by calling in.


organizing inspiration

20 Nov

Apologies for the lack of posts. Busy weekend and also I had a difficult time thinking of something to write….

I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV lately. It all started when I was flipping through channels while eating dinner and this show called “Urban Suburban” was on and featuring Vancouver. Drawn to anything that has to do with Vancouver on national TV, I started watching it. The show is hosted by a brother and sister team with crazy blue eyes. The brother specialises in urban real estate and the sister, you guessed it, suburban real estate. They showcase 3 homes each to home-seeking couple to persuade the couple to choose a suburban or urban home at the end.

Since then, I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV – Urban Suburban, Property Virgins, House Hunters, and Holmes Inspection! I’m at that point in my life where I would like to find a place to live in for a while and it’s neat to see  the different styles of homes across Canada. It also makes me sad when I see how expensive houses are in Vancouver compared to…somewhere in Nova Scotia.

Anyways, all of these homeshows have gotten me into the re-decorating/organizing mood in my own rented apartment. Show homes always look so nice because they aren’t cluttered. Besides when I have a paper and assignment due this week, cleaning always seems more fun. De-cluttering serves two purposes where it makes my place look nicer and also reduces the amount of stuff I will eventually have to move when I leave my current place.

In this post, I will be posting some of the things and thought processes I go through when organizing and de-cluttering. Some of these are pretty obvious but I’m writing about what I do.


  1. If you buy something new, get rid of something equivalent to it. Works best for clothes. If I buy a new sweater, I’ll donate/consign/give away a sweater I no longer wear.
  2. Use twist ties to keep cords tidy or for big cords try folding the cord and inserting it into a toilet paper roll.
  3. Hide stuff but try to keep it organized still! Stick it in drawers, put similar stuff into baskets, rubbermaids, clear plastic boxes, etc. I have my couch up against the wall and I’ve stuck flattened boxes that I need to keep for electronics and moving behind it.
  4. Organize drawers and bins by purpose rather than a random collection of stuff. I have a basket for electronic stuff, candy drawer (hehe), toiletries, etc.
  5. When doing a major de-cluttering, examine each piece and really think about whether you need it or not. My problem is that I always think I will use something one day which is why I accumulated quite a bit of stuff. I have 4 brand new beeswax tealight candles that I bought last Christmas that I haven’t used. I don’t want to get rid of them cause they are good quality so I decided to make an effort to make use of them.
  6. Think about future plans when de-cluttering. I’ll be graduating this year so I won’t need as many pens, pencils, paper, etc as I currently have. Knowing this, I leave these drawers alone because I’ll do a big purge in May. Same concept applies to clothing. In the next year, I plan on working and wearing work clothes. I am trying to transition my wardrobe to something more “adult” and work appropriate. I’ve stopped buying hoodies (save my UBC one cause every alumni needs something right?), sneakers, graphic tee-shirts, etc. and opt toward “business-casual” pieces that can be worn now like cardigans, ballet flats, and button-downs.
  7. I spent 15 minutes at 2:30AM last night detangling about 10 necklaces. I can’t believe I had the patience to do it, but I did. These necklaces got tangled cause the hook they were on fell down and somehow they got all tangled up. Doing this reminded me of my tip about traveling with a bunch of necklaces. Gather all of the necklaces with all of the latches together. Tape around it. Now the necklaces won’t become magically tangled.
  8. Re-purpose! I’ve turned my metal book stand into an iPad stand which props it high enough so I can plug in the charger. I reuse glass jars to hold small items like cotton balls or Qtips. I bought a nice towel rack stand at Winners to hang my jewelry on when hanging towels on it wasn’t practical.


adding, removing, capitalizing – it’s all the same for gmail

27 Oct

I forgot how I came across this (it was a while ago) but I think it’s interesting to know if you have a Gmail address. Not sure if it works with other email services but, I guess you could try logging in and see what happens.


Gmail doesn’t recognize dots and capital letters within usernames meaning you can add or remove (or capitalize letters) dots from a Gmail address and it will still reach you. For example:

  • mickey.mouse@gmail.com =mickeymouse@gmail.com 
  • MICKEYmouse@gmail.com = mickeymouse@gmail.com
  • mic.key.mouse@gmail.com = mickeymouse@gmail.com 
  • MiCkEyMoUsE@gmail.com = mickeymouse@gmail.com (please never ever type like that)

You can see this if you try to sign in with your username, but adding or removing a dot from it. You  know those times when you fill in a form and accidentally capitalize the first letter in your email address? Don’t worry – It will still go to your account. 

[Content verification from Google]

my go-to site for anything and everything techie

26 Oct

A friend introduced me to this site many years ago and since then I have been buying most of my cheap (techie) gadgets  like Apple USB cables, card readers, book holders, and more. There have been several times when I bought something at Future Shop and found a replica/substitute of the same product on the site but 75% cheaper like my iPad Smart Cover or the $19.99 Griffin stylus pen (yes, I actually paid that and didn’t think of checking this site. What was I thinking?…)


Products are cheap, reviews are abundant, and shipping is free. You can find pretty much anything here. Camera accessories, video games, cell phones, cases, screen protectors, lasers, cables, jewellery, and much more. I think it’s kind of fun just to browse because everything is so random.


Slowest shipping ever. My last order was shipped on October 2 and it still isn’t here, granted it is coming all the way from China for free so it was probably sent on a boat. Build quality is not the greatest but it really depends on the product.

A few things I’ve purchased:

Guitar capo $5.44 – Kinda smelt like rubber for a few days but the smell went away. Works great!

FM Transmitter $9.23 – Still have it after 3 years and works!

Digital guitar tuner $10.28 – Comparable to $20 in stores, makes guitar tuning so easy

Mini displayport to HDMI converter  $6.99 – Took something like a month to arrive but it works great! Note that you might have to play around with your preferences to get the sound working at first and you have to plug it in first and then open the video on your computer otherwise the sound won’t play from the TV.

I’ve probably ordered 15 things from them over the years but some of them are outdated like iPod touch cases and protectors. They are pretty current with new products so accessories come out pretty quickly.


If you are looking for cheap gadgets, check out www.dealextreme.com and browse through their products.  Don’t forget that shipping takes a while so if you are patient and the product you want is not urgent, then I highly recommend the site. 

using restrictions to keep tabs on your iphone/ ipad/ ipod touch

25 Oct

I appreciate Apple for thinking of us iPhone/iPad owners when they created the Find my iPhone/iPad app and more recently built it right into the operating system with iOS5. I’ve never lost either of these products so I’ve never had to use the functions but I think they would be pretty handy should your device go missing.

Using Find my iPhone/iPad, you can find your device on a map, send it a message, play a sound (even if it’s on silent), conduct a remote wipe of your phone and set a passcode remotely. See the Apple website for a more detailed description.

This is all great as long as you have the app installed and have restricted settings on it. Let’s say, someone stole your iPhone while you were at a concert. You didn’t realize they took it until the concert was over and you are frantically looking for your phone. During that time, that person could have turned on your phone (if you didn’t have a passcode) and simply deleted the Find my iPhone app (iOS 4) OR turned it off in General settings through iCloud or Location Services. Once that is done, your device is off the grid. I feel like a character from Tron when I say “off the grid.” Anyways…

I tested  this today with my iPhone (iOS 5). I went to Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone = Off. I went to iCloud.com (see my post about the site here), signed in, and I could see the location of my Macbook and iPad but the iPhone wasn’t even listed on the site.

——- End of Line. Ok, no more Tron references.

To prevent unauthorized disabling of Find my iPhone/iPad and Location Services, do the following steps:

1.  Go to Settings > iCloud. Make sure Find my iPhone/iPad is on (notice how easy it is to turn it off?) and then go back to Settings > General > Restrictions

2. Enter your passcode or create a new passcode (make it different from your unlock code – just in case).

3. Once in, press “Enable Restrictions” (you might as well turn off Ping while you’re here and save some battery unless you actually use it).  Find “Location” and scroll down the bottom. Make sure Find my iPhone/iPad is “on” and then scroll up and select “Don’t allow changes.” Note that you will be unable to make changes to the apps listed below but since it’s your phone you can always edit restrictions later on.  Just don’t forget the code because I don’t know what happens or what to do and I don’t really want to find out.

4. Once you select “Don’t allow changes,” you will be brought up a level and will see a lock icon beside “Location.”

5. Go to Settings> iCloud and you won’t be able to turn off Find my iPhone/iPad. The same will be true for all apps under Location Services. You can always go back into restrictions and make changes to individual apps.

Now you can log-in to iCloud with your Apple ID to find, message, play a sound, or remote wipe your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch!

Update: November 11, 2011. By restricting locations, you will be unable to create Reminders that remind  you when you leave or arrive at a location. It’s weird how Restriction blocks Reminders even if you allow Reminders to access your location. So if you want to create these location-based reminders, you will have to “allow changes” and then turn it back on. If Apple fixes this, I will report back!

Update: November 30, 2011. A friend asked, well what if the person who took your phone just takes out your Sim card? I just tested this by taking out my sim and re-starting. I did not do a restore or wipe because I want my stuff still. Taking out the sim card didn’t change anything. I was still able to locate my phone using wifi networks. However, the iCloud mapping system was down in general but the phone still showed up on the screen along with my other Apple products.