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shortcut to capitalizing in microsoft office

21 Nov

I discovered this trick when I was doing co-op and did a lot of document editing and formatting. While not as useful as the repeating shortcut I wrote about as my first post, it can be useful at times. Once my co-worker had an excel sheet of about 200 names but they weren’t capitalized and since she was using it for a letter merge, she had to go through each one and capitalize it in the excel sheet. Using this shortcut, she would have saved a lot of time.


Use Shift + F3 to quickly capitalize, de-capitalize or caps lock words.

For example, select the words and press Shift + F3 until you get the format you want:

1. Capitalize: this is a word –> This Is A Word

2. De-capitalize: This Is A Word –> This is a word

3. Caps lock: This is a word –> THIS IS A WORD

Just cycle through pressing Shift + F3 to try out all of the options.

** Sadly this only works with PC computers and on Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Some keyboards don’t do it for some reason but this has only happened to me once **



in case you missed it…

22 Oct

I’ve been updating this blog pretty much everyday and posts are starting to get pushed onto the next pages so I thought it would be handy to have a weekly recap of my posts (about 2 weeks for this post since it’s the first) from oldest to newest:

repeat after me

2 Oct

I’ve been meaning to write a blog for a while. I came up with the idea (although probably not a very original one), but I hope to keep it interesting and relevant to anyone who comes across it.

The goal of this blog is to allow me to share what I’ve learned today (or in the past, since I’ve lived about 8025 days already) whether it’s related to something I’ve learned at school, something from work, or something about life. It won’t be plain facts or statements, but more how-to’s that I have found to be very helpful in my own life. I’ve always been very appreciative of other people’s blogs for providing me with information about their favourite restaurants, fashion tips or how-to-do’s and I figured it was time for me to give back to the online community.

I plan on posting at least one new thing/how-to a day and if you’ve found my how-to to be useful, please let me know!


When I worked full-time, now I am back to school and finishing up my final year, I was often given the task of formatting documents. I don’t mind formatting because I am a detail-oriented type person, but once you’ve been formatting the same document for an hour, it can get quite repetitive and brain numbing. I can be lazy sometimes and I knew that had to be an easier way of formatting the same thing over and over again in Word (e.g bolding certain words, underlining, changing the font size of paragraphs between larger headers, etc.), so I googled. Maybe you googled and ended up here.

To repeat your last action in Microsoft Word (and other MS Office programs except Excel) press: F4. It will repeat pretty much any action and might be the only function you ever press. If you are a Mac user, try pressing Command + Y. Now repeat to your heart’s content.