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an alternative to powerpoint presentations

23 Nov

During my co-op work term, I learned about this free online presentation tool called Prezi. Some of you may have heard of it or seen it done in class already but for those who haven’t – it’s pretty cool. Powerpoint presentations can quickly become boring when it’s all text with no theme design whatsoever.

Prezi is different. It’s a “zooming” presentation tool that allows you to pan and zoom across one “slide” to focus on different parts. It’s visually appealing and captures your viewer’s attention when done properly.

I used a Prezi presentation in one of my classes this year and received positive feedback on it from others. In this class, groups of 2 people presented for 45 min to the class. We’ve gone through about 25 presentations since I presented in the beginning of September. Even after a month and a half, I’ve had people comment on my presentation and ask what tool I used to make it. It’s definitely memorable especially when you’re the only one who did something different.

There was a bit of a learning curve on using Prezi and it probably won’t look like the promo presentations at first but, like anything, it takes practice. It requires a bit more creative thinking than a PowerPoint presentation but if you want to avoid boring your audience, try Prezi.  Since it was my first time using Prezi, it took me longer (maybe an hour or two overall?) than it would have with a PowerPoint. I probably should have tried this with a shorter presentation rather than a 45 minute presentation to begin with too.

To give you an idea of what a Prezi presentation looks like, please click the above photo to link to the actual presentation my partner and I put together for our Geography class. Just press the forward arrows on the player to move through the “slides.” I think it’s half decent but, there are a ton of better examples on the Prezi site that use the program to its full creative capacity.

***If you have a student email address, you can sign up for a free student upgrade which includes more storage, ability to save private presentations and remove/add logos***