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the hole story: things that go bump in the night

19 Jan

As a continuation of the post I wrote getting a body piercing a couple of months ago, I felt it was time to write about how to deal with the infamous nose bump that a lot of people get from their nose piercing. A lot of people get it in the morning because they tend to rub their nose or sleep on it at night. Which explains this dumb title.

Anyways, I’ve had my bump on and off for the past 7 months and it was a pain. It’s basically this red bump that appears really close to the hole. As most things that happen to your body, I was obsessed with removing it even though most people didn’t notice it until I pointed it out. For the past 3 months, however, my nose has been bump-free after I found a method of cleaning that seemed to really help.

This bump usually occurs when you accidentally rub your nose, pull your jewelry, have improper piercing, have improper jewelry or irritate it too much when cleaning. Pretty much anything can cause one. Some bumps are really big and red (Google image that if you really want to) and mine was… an average bump.

Now, I’m not an expert on nose piercing or cleaning so I would follow the instructions your piercer gave you on how to initially clean it. However, when dealing with the bump, I went to my piercer twice and there wasn’t anything they could give me to make it go down except some suggestions. They looked at it and confirmed that it was not a keloid. A keloid is what a lot of people think their bumps are initially because we tend to expect the worse. I’m not going to get into describing a keloid because I didn’t have one but you can find that info on Google.

Anyways, my piercer recommended a couple different methods of dealing with it and I also found lots of different methods out there that people have posted online, so I tried them all.

Methods of dealing with the “bump”

  • Soaking in a hot salt wate solution several times a day – I admit that I am lazy and did this once but it was too much work. So it didn’t work for me. Did this for a day…
  • Applying tea tree oil. Recommended by the piercer. I would soak a Qtip with water and add a drop of tea tree oil on it and then rub it on the bump. This worked somewhat but made my nose really dry. Did this for about a week.
  • Crushing aspirin and mixing it with water. Too much work! I don’t think I crushed it properly because I don’t have one of those spice-crushing things (forgot what they’re called. A pestle?). So I would apply this thick chunky paste to my nose when I was at home but I didn’t notice a difference. Did this for about 3 days.
  • Applying vitamin E. Also recommended by the piercer. Didn’t work. Just made my nose look greasy and oily. Also applied in conjunction with tea tree oil but no results. Did for about a week.
What worked for me!
  • Applying tea tree oil + polysporin. This worked! I read that you shouldn’t apply polysporin to “puncture” wounds (e.g. a piercing), but I didn’t apply it inside the piercing. Just around it on my skin so I figured it was OK.  I decided to apply polysporin when the bump started….pussing white stuff…out (TMI, sorry). After a routine cleaning with a saline solution, I applied the tea tree oil with the Qtip (diluted in water) and then applied some polysporin on the bump and surrounding area. Did this for about a week and noticed results in a couple of days. Every time a bump starts to reappear, I apply this combination and it goes away in a day or so.

Again, I’m not an expert at piercings so use at your own risk (though I genuinely feel that it shouldn’t do much harm). I’d just like to share what worked for me and if you’ve tried all the methods like I did, try this one and let me know if it worked for you!