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in case you missed it…

22 Oct

I’ve been updating this blog pretty much everyday and posts are starting to get pushed onto the next pages so I thought it would be handy to have a weekly recap of my posts (about 2 weeks for this post since it’s the first) from oldest to newest:


faxing for free (yes, there are people who still fax documents)

14 Oct

Sigh, yesterday was the first day I’ve missed because today was a busy day. Lots of studying and a lot of learning of things I probably should have learned a while ago. I am taking a class on micro-climatology and it is probably one of the more difficult classes I’ve taken so far. It is quite scientific and I have a pageful of calculations to remember by

Anyways, after perusing through my long list of bookmarks for something to write about quickly, I revisited this site that I’ve had saved in my bookmarks for at least 5 years. I’ve used it a few times because there are still some people who use a fax machine. I’ve never had one and with this website – I never will need one (unless the site goes down in the future, of course).

I’ve sent a document before and seen what it looks like on the other end and there aren’t any ads as the site promises. The site is quite plain and looks a bit outdated but it does the job although I probably wouldn’t use it for private and confidential information.

Send a free fax to anywhere in the USA and Canada using this site. Just follow the instructions and fill in the required information and you are good to go!