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in case you missed it…

22 Oct

I’ve been updating this blog pretty much everyday and posts are starting to get pushed onto the next pages so I thought it would be handy to have a weekly recap of my posts (about 2 weeks for this post since it’s the first) from oldest to newest:


did you know? – view counts in google plus / picasa

17 Oct

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Last week, I was uploading a selection of edited pictures (including some of my favourites from above) from my Europe trip to Google Plus (G+) and discovered that you could see view counts on G+ albums through Picasa.

When you upload pictures to G+, they are essentially uploaded to Picasa web albums where you can choose to share them with your circles and the web. I wanted to re-organize my photos in this album and was directed to Picasa. I went through my album one by one to see how it looked and I noticed view counts at the bottom of my photos. I had publicly shared this album because I wanted to share the link with non-G+ people and there were some interesting and inconsistent view counts in this album.

I had uploaded before and after photos of almost every one because I like comparing photos after they’ve been edited and on some pictures I had 10 view counts and on some I had 170! It was really weird (and somewhat creepy) when they were pictures of me…

I wondered if the view counts were possibly linked to my profile picture because I used the same picture but I found out there is actually a separate album for profile pictures with its own view counts. Again, I had some weird numbers especially since I only have like 20 friends on G+…Feels a bit like Nexopia for those who remember it.


In addition to G+ photos, Picasa also stores photos from Blogger.com and view counts are also available. To access this information, go to https://picasaweb.google.com/home and sign in with your Google account. You should see all of your web albums. Click on an album and then a photo to enter view mode. At the bottom left corner, you should may be able to see your view counts.

Edit: October 31, 2012 – One of the commentors said they could not find view counts. I investigated into this and it appears Google has removed view on some photos while view counts still exist on some. I don’t know why some photos are different then others even though they are in the same album and have the same photo properties.