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saving $: consider scanning instead of photocopying

17 Jan

For one of my courses, we had to purchase a $78 reading package containing photocopies of chapters and articles from various books and journals. The nice thing about these packages is you can buy one and split it with friends by photocopying it again but it’s not the most environmental or cost friendly-method.

I did this once. I offered to copy a package and took it to a nearby print shop. It was the beginning of the semester and it was busy.  I had to wait for a printer to become available and there were actually people copying textbooks page by page. Way extreme. I couldn’t believe people actually did that. I don’t have the patience.

Copying about 100 pages took at least 30 minutes to  copy, organize and holepunch everything plus waiting around for 20 min for a printer. This process saved us both saved some money although it did about $12 in printing costs.

I got my iPad this year and I try to do as much reading as I can on it. I don’t print out articles anymore and save a ton of paper and printer ink which is great. I also realized that I can share a reading package with a friend at a much cheaper rate!


What you need: reading package, memory stick and a large printer/scanner combo that scans from a pile of paper.

If you or your friend don’t mind reading a digital copy, purchase the package and find a laser printer and scanner combo at your school. You can probably find one in your department’s lounge or even library. Check with someone to make sure it’s ok and do it during a less busy time so you’re not hogging the printer. Stick an article into the scanner feed and send it to your memory stick (if it’s a Ricoh printer, the option to send to memory stick should be at the top right at the screen by selecting source or something along those lines) and repeat. $40 saved right away in addition to the $5 or so in photocopying costs.

I did this in my department’s library and the assistant showed me how to set it up. It took about 50 minutes to scan 10 articles because the machine took about 3-4 minutes to save the article as a PDF to the memory stick. I read a required reading while waiting so no time was wasted.