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shortcut to capitalizing in microsoft office

21 Nov

I discovered this trick when I was doing co-op and did a lot of document editing and formatting. While not as useful as the repeating shortcut I wrote about as my first post, it can be useful at times. Once my co-worker had an excel sheet of about 200 names but they weren’t capitalized and since she was using it for a letter merge, she had to go through each one and capitalize it in the excel sheet. Using this shortcut, she would have saved a lot of time.


Use Shift + F3 to quickly capitalize, de-capitalize or caps lock words.

For example, select the words and press Shift + F3 until you get the format you want:

1. Capitalize: this is a word –> This Is A Word

2. De-capitalize: This Is A Word –> This is a word

3. Caps lock: This is a word –> THIS IS A WORD

Just cycle through pressing Shift + F3 to try out all of the options.

** Sadly this only works with PC computers and on Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Some keyboards don’t do it for some reason but this has only happened to me once **