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linkedin = not so anonymous

5 Dec

I signed up for a LinkedIn account a few months ago because of the work I was doing at the time and the opportunity to actually have “connections” with people who have actual jobs rather than students (no offence, haha). If you don’t know what LinkedIn is, it’s a professional social networking site. It’s almost like an online resume where jobseekers and jobhunters can review someone’s online profile with information on work, skills, and education. It’s also a way for employers to verify that you actually worked at places by checking out your connections. It would seem strange if you said you worked at one company and didn’t have anyone in your network from that company.

When I first signed up for LinkedIn, I was look “Cool, now I can check up on my professional connections and see what they’ve been up too” so I looked at a bunch of profiles of people I knew and some that were connected to them that I didn’t know but had interesting jobs titles or not gonna lie, had good-looking profile photos (haha). Then I realized that viewing their page was not anonymous!


Unless you’ve hidden yourself from viewers, people can see that you’ve creeped their page. I suppose I could use the  phrase…”silently networked” with them instead.

Once you’ve logged into LinkedIn, go to the “Home” page. On the right, there should be a box that says “Who’s Viewed your Profile?” Here you can see the people who’ve viewed your profile. For example, on my viewed page, I have one person that I know, one person that I don’t know but have 2 connections in common, and three anonymous people (one in the oil and gas industry in Alberta, a researcher from University of Southern California, and someone from MEG Energy Corp).

Kind of cool but kind of weird since I don’t know anyone who fits the profile of those anonymous viewers. So you have a couple options here.

1. If you want to see who’s viewed your page, like the way I have it set up, you have to let yourself be “seen” as well. Which makes sense. It’s not really fair that you should be able to “silently network” with people while you can see people who’ve networked with you.

2. If you don’t care to see who’s viewed your page, you can hide yourself by going to the “Who’s Viewed your Profile” page. Beside the date period on near the top right hand corner, there will be a “Settings” link. Click it and it will take you to settings with a pop-up with options to have “anonymous profile characteristics” or “be totally anonymous.” Both of these options will disable your ability to see anyone who’s viewed your profile.

Obviously, it’s up to you to decide what settings you use. I think it’s interesting to see who’s viewed my page so I’ve left my settings open but knowing this, I don’t really view people’s pages because I know they can see that I’ve looked at their page. It’s like when you stare at someone and when they look at you, you look away. You’re interested in them but don’t want them to know and feel awkward afterwards. That’s my analogy anyways.


my go-to site for anything and everything techie

26 Oct

A friend introduced me to this site many years ago and since then I have been buying most of my cheap (techie) gadgets  like Apple USB cables, card readers, book holders, and more. There have been several times when I bought something at Future Shop and found a replica/substitute of the same product on the site but 75% cheaper like my iPad Smart Cover or the $19.99 Griffin stylus pen (yes, I actually paid that and didn’t think of checking this site. What was I thinking?…)


Products are cheap, reviews are abundant, and shipping is free. You can find pretty much anything here. Camera accessories, video games, cell phones, cases, screen protectors, lasers, cables, jewellery, and much more. I think it’s kind of fun just to browse because everything is so random.


Slowest shipping ever. My last order was shipped on October 2 and it still isn’t here, granted it is coming all the way from China for free so it was probably sent on a boat. Build quality is not the greatest but it really depends on the product.

A few things I’ve purchased:

Guitar capo $5.44 – Kinda smelt like rubber for a few days but the smell went away. Works great!

FM Transmitter $9.23 – Still have it after 3 years and works!

Digital guitar tuner $10.28 – Comparable to $20 in stores, makes guitar tuning so easy

Mini displayport to HDMI converter  $6.99 – Took something like a month to arrive but it works great! Note that you might have to play around with your preferences to get the sound working at first and you have to plug it in first and then open the video on your computer otherwise the sound won’t play from the TV.

I’ve probably ordered 15 things from them over the years but some of them are outdated like iPod touch cases and protectors. They are pretty current with new products so accessories come out pretty quickly.


If you are looking for cheap gadgets, check out www.dealextreme.com and browse through their products.  Don’t forget that shipping takes a while so if you are patient and the product you want is not urgent, then I highly recommend the site. 

in case you missed it…

22 Oct

I’ve been updating this blog pretty much everyday and posts are starting to get pushed onto the next pages so I thought it would be handy to have a weekly recap of my posts (about 2 weeks for this post since it’s the first) from oldest to newest:


19 Oct

I had no idea this existed even though I knew something like this should. I like to think of myself as being tech-savvy and informed, but I had never heard of www.icloud.com  until yesterday evening.  Maybe it was so obvious that tech blogs and Apple(!) didn’t feel the need to inform people of this site but I wish they would have reminded us anyways…

My story: I didn’t have iCloud enabled for contacts on my phone because I’ve always had issues syncing them with Google because I have a ton of email addresses of people I had to email through work. Yesterday I made the terrible mistake of syncing my contacts to the Cloud without knowing that the contacts on my phone would not get synced with the Cloud first. In doing so, I deleted all of my phone contacts and was left with 500 contacts with email addresses only. It was a very sad and “f me” moment.

I thought maybe I could restore my contacts somehow but I don’t think it was possible since I backed everything (except my contacts) to the Cloud. Duh. I accepted the fact that I would probably have to input everything again but I was determined to do it right this time.

I did some googling and came across a forum post where someone mentioned www.icloud.com. Was it too good to be true? How did I not know about it? I clicked and was directed to a legit iCloud website under Apple’s name (screenshot above). I entered in my Apple ID and password and was presented with icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My Phone, and Documents. I clicked on contacts and all 500 contacts were there. I did a mass delete and spent the next hour entering my phone contacts on the website. Now my iPad, iPhone and iCloud play nicely together which makes me happy.


For those on iOS 5, access your iCloud account at www.icloud.com for (as long as its synced to iCloud per your device settings) your Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My Phone/iPad, and Documents (Pages, Keynote and Numbers only, I believe).

faxing for free (yes, there are people who still fax documents)

14 Oct

Sigh, yesterday was the first day I’ve missed because today was a busy day. Lots of studying and a lot of learning of things I probably should have learned a while ago. I am taking a class on micro-climatology and it is probably one of the more difficult classes I’ve taken so far. It is quite scientific and I have a pageful of calculations to remember by

Anyways, after perusing through my long list of bookmarks for something to write about quickly, I revisited this site that I’ve had saved in my bookmarks for at least 5 years. I’ve used it a few times because there are still some people who use a fax machine. I’ve never had one and with this website – I never will need one (unless the site goes down in the future, of course).

I’ve sent a document before and seen what it looks like on the other end and there aren’t any ads as the site promises. The site is quite plain and looks a bit outdated but it does the job although I probably wouldn’t use it for private and confidential information.

Send a free fax to anywhere in the USA and Canada using this site. Just follow the instructions and fill in the required information and you are good to go!