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in case you missed it…

21 Jan

Here’s a picture I took and edited on my iPhone with Snapseed (wrote about this app on my iPad post)

Almost at 2500 views on my blog! Exciting! I started this blog in October last year because writing a public blog is something I’ve always wanted to do. Throughout high school, I had a private blog where I wrote about my day to day life and usual drama of those teenage years. They were so embarrassing and I can’t believe I started linking the blogs to Facebook so all of my Facebook friends could read them… I recently realized that those posts were still visible on my page so I spent 15 minutes deleting all 400 posts because they were that embarrassing.


I found that the fastest way to delete Notes on Facebook (or friends) is through the Facebook app on your iPhone. Just swipe over a note (or an ex-friend) and delete. It’s way more time consuming to do it on the Facebook website oddly enough.


Anyways, here’s the links to posts over the past two weeks because I didn’t do a recap last week!


in case you missed it…

7 Jan

Been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a recap post so there will be lots to catch up on!

On a side note… I am looking for new TV shows to watch. I watched the pilot episode of 2 Broke Girls and haven’t decided if I like it or not. I guess I don’t if I have to think about it. Any suggestions?

in case you missed it…

4 Dec

First semester is finally over but now it’s time to buckle down and re-learn everything…. My exam schedule is kind of weird this term. I’ve got 2 exams on the 7th and 2 exams on the 17th but at least they are distributed well because my difficult classes are on separate days.

Anyways, good luck studying and if you need a break, browse through this week’s posts!

I watched 50/50 last night and Marlow seemed to enjoy it too. It was a pretty good movie – highly recommend! Not the best quality because it was a DVDrip quality torrent. I am using the HDMI cable that I ordered from Dealextreme (see past post here) and it’s been working well. I’ve used it with HDMI movies and the quality is pretty good.

in case you missed it….

26 Nov

A number of smaller posts this week due to papers and assignments. I didn’t recap for last week so here are two week’s worth of recaps!

Here’s a picture of my cat Marlow which I am sharing for no particular reason.  Saved him from the SPCA about 3 weeks ago after being in the shelter for about 5 months. He’s the nicest cat I’ve ever met.  Don’t worry, my other cat Dakotah is still alive and kicking at 16 years old. She’s just not as patient (or nice) as Marlow.

“boss cat”

in case you missed it…

13 Nov

If you are interested in winning a free pair of glasses from Clearly Contacts, enter my giveaway contest here. No entries so far so chances are looking pretty good, haha.